Counselling & Healing

Counselling , Psychotherapy & Regression work


My Standard fees for counselling:

(including Sandplay)

$75 for one hour
  $90 for one hour and a half
  $120 for two hours

Fees for Hypnosis 

$120 first & second session
  $100 from here on it

Fees for Regression Work

$150 for the duration of the session
(Inner Child and Past-Life) (2-3 hrs)

Fees for Life Between Lives 

$250 for the duration of the session

(4-5 hrs)

Fees for Aura - Soma Consultation

Fees for Chakra Balancing Massage



$60 for one hour


$90 for 1 1/2 hours


Fees are the same for singles or couples

Healthcare rebate is not available, hence the reduction in counselling fees.