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Welcome to my web-site. It takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that some things one can't do alone and one is in need for assistance. What will my family and friends say if I see a counsellor? They might see me as a lesser person.

Congratulations! You have courage! The first step is always the hardest for change to happen. I am talking about positive change for your future.

The seed of happiness needs only the courage to plant it and some TLC to bring it to life. Having the faith to claim it for yourself is often the hard part. If you are a bit short on belief then maybe you might like to borrow some of mine.

Please feel welcome to explore your world with me.

Nadja Brearley.

About Nadja

Nadja has a Masters Degree in Counselling which is supported by a Bachelor Degree in Educational Psychology & Sociology. She has also completed a degree in Hypnosis, Life Between Lives and Regression Therapy (past life & childhood).

However, it is her ten years experience as a skilled Rudolf Steiner Teacher that Nadja values very highly as her foundation for interacting effectively with people and empowering them.

She also places great value in a common sense approach to her work with people.

nadja crop stanleyEffective counselling involves more than just competent training. It requires experience, compassion, understanding and courage.

Meaningful interaction with another can only come from a foundation of deep respect for the person's sovereign rights and a commitment to helping him or her fulfill their true potential in life.

Nadja is also a qualified Aura-Soma Colour Therapy consultant and practitioner.



Nadja has a very simple philosophy regarding the work she does...a person walks their own very individual and personal journey.

Nadja believes her role is to empower and guide the individual in finding their own path.

It begins with her truly hearing the person. It is essential that everyone is given the space to clarify their own thoughts, ideas, priorities and feelings.

Only when a person feels that they have been heard, does Nadja believe she can be effective.