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Adolescent counsellingHello! When thinking about writing this page I thought it best for you to talk about yourself. You know about yourself best.You know your story. Everybody is different even when they are experiencing the same challenges. May be it is issues concerning your friends, your family, school,drugs or the way you feel about yourself and all the other things that are hard to talk is still you who holds all the answers inside.

I invite you to find your answers and offer guidance for the direction you wish to take. You are the master of your process with me, nobody else. I therefore invite you to contact me and see how the riddle in your life can unfold.


SusanWe are all different. Men and women are different. This is why I allocated just a space for you as a woman. You are an individual, you are special. Your needs are different from that of a man. And I honour and respect that. What can I offer you?

I can offer you a space in where you can be completely yourself, nobody telling you who you should be, what to think and when to have things done by. You can be just simply you , feel accepted and free from judgement.

I am here to listen and help you find answers that are tailored to your life and needs. Answers that are already inside you and only need some guidance to emerge.   Now that you have come this far, I am looking forward to meeting you.


DickIf you have come this far, I take my hat off to you. It is not easy for a male to ask for support and that needs to be acknowledged. You obviously have enough courage to be here. 

I don't know what your path is and what life-story you are building. I won't even attempt to make assumptions about you as I trust that you will give me enough clues from asking you the right questions to help you unravel your situation.

All I know is that you are unique and you are asking for support to change parts of your life that you are no longer satisfied with. I am inviting you to contact me and tackle those uncomfortable feelings that never seem to go away.


Are you tired of endless discussions and fights, or even silence that has become deafening?

Do you still have hope that the person you once thought is the love of your life is still the person you want to be with, but you just don't know how to get out of the vicious cycle of unhealthy communication? Do you feel that you are grieving in your relationship, but don't know how to tell your partner how you are really feeling, without negative consequences?

I can offer you a safe space, in where you are able to really hear each other and explore a path for your future together.