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Counselling , Psychotherapy & Regression work



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Sandplay  is a wonderful medium to awaken the unconscious and support the emergence of the true self. It provides a proper condition for the psyche to heal itself and work with causes at the source rather than remedying symptoms.

Sandplay Therapy has it's origins in the work of Margaret Lowenfeld and was furthered by Carl Jung and Dora Kalff.

Jung developed a style that allowed a safe entry into the deeper archetypal mythic and transpersonal realms of the psyche. 

In Sandplay the use of sand and small figurines provides a symbolic way of expressing one's feelings and experiences in life. It is a fun and non-threatening approach to explore feelings and life situations that otherwise may feel overwhelming and non-comprehendible.

Sandplay opens up for the possibility for wounds to be healed that have blocked normal development. It allows the emergence of a stable self-learning to be capable of relating equally to the outer material world and the inner psychological and spiritual worlds.


Compassionate Communication / Couple Counselling


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Most of us are frustrated that nobody listens to us or understands us. Communication breakdown escalates into verbal disagreements, fights and at its worst emotional manipulation and blackmailing. We are left with feelings of anger, rage, deep hurt and loss of self. 

Active listening and compassionate communication first modelled by Dr. Thomas Gordan  provides a possible path to healthy development of relationships for adult to adult as well as adult to child. Many of us are still grappling with non-constructive adult behaviour modelled by our parents that has been passed down from generation to generation. Deep unconscious patterns have developed that hinder us to step into being fully balanced adults.

Compassionate Communication is one possible path to develop loving and caring environments for relationships to grow in peace and harmony. 





A path to self-understanding a soul therapy

In the understanding of the Aura-Soma philosophy, each person is recognised as a rainbow of light. You are the colours you choose, as these reflect your being's needs. The language of colour is universal. Everybody has an affinity with colour.

Aura Soma works with colour to help awaken your soul and potential. It focuses on the growth of consciousness and awareness.

Aura-Soma is a "non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy". This self-empowering process encourages each individual to take responsibility for their well-being and to align with their potential.

Out of Aura-Soma evolved the Chakra Balancing Massage by Vicky Engeham. Nadja trained with Vicky in 2016 and offers this spiritual massage in her practice. 


Chakra Balancing Massage


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Using the Aura-Soma oils on our chakras is a life transforming experience. With the help with the angels of every colour ray we will feel put back together again.

This massage helps with releasing stress, past traumas, worries, anxieties and disorientation. Using the Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders and Quintessences will bring the feelings of confidence, optimism, joy and balance back into your life.

The angels will assist you in opening your higher being and helping you on your path of transformation. 

Crystals and sound are used to assist the process of healing. 

This is a truly nurturing part of Aura-Soma and very different to other forms of massage you might have experienced.




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First up the old question: Does the therapist gain control over my mind? On the contrary, Hypnosis is solely based on the clients own imagery and subconscious mind. Any suggestions and mental images that are given, are based on the client's life and after a lengthy interview process given back to the client in form of hypnotic suggestions.

Hypnosis is experienced in a light trance state and people usually feel calm and relaxed and refreshed when returning to normal consciousness.

How does Hypnosis work? Our mind learns through repetition. This works for desired behaviour as well as undesired behaviour. Each time we learn a behaviour that is similar to another one, it attaches itself physically and emotionally to our memory. For behaviours we wish to alter, we find the source of the first event, separate the memory from the learned behaviour and replace it with a desired one. This is not a miracle cure, as it takes several sessions to fully embed the new information.

  Stages of Hypnosis are:

  • Exploring the problem
  • Reframing the problem 
  • Relaxing into trance and engaging with the imagery and words
  • Dissociating, the 'letting go process' 
  • Responding, learning new behaviour through suggestions                                       
  • Returning to normal consciousness 
  • Reflecting on the experience      

What is Hypnosis useful for: Behaviour change such as smoking, weight control, insomnia, bed-wetting, addictions, childbirth, phobias and irrational fears such as a fear of heights, overcoming relationship issues and performance anxiety.

It is also beneficial for unexplainable pains not related to a medical issue and stress reduction, fear and anxiety.

Hypnosis is undesirable for people with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and other related medical diagnosed states.



Regression Work

Past Life Regression

Past Lives are like memories from our past we simply don't remember in our day to day life. This is for a very good reason, as these memories would hinder us to live in the here and now.

They can pop up though as possible unexplainable physical pains, nightmares and repeating circumstances. An old wound or accident may express in a chronic knee or lower back problem. An experience of being hanged or strangled may causes us the fear of speaking and possibly results in chronic throat problems, like chronic tonsillitis.

This is our clever body speaking to us in very simple language. Our soul has bought in memories from the past that wish to be laid to rest. When we experience anger, depression, anxiety, phobias, nightmares, obsessions and unexplainable pains, past life regression therapy can help us making sense of these emotions and bring about the healing we wanted for so long.

Childhood Regression

Memories from the past include our current life, including our childhood. Some traumas may be deeply embedded in our psyche and founded in our early years. We might have developed post-traumatic stress or phobias from a life threatening situation or a childhood trauma.

Common symptoms are panic attacks, blocked feelings and memories, emotional outbursts, numbness and self-harm, unexplainable pain and recurring issues in relationships. 

Regression therapy involves processing current life and past life memories. Through a level of trance, we reach below the level of our unconscious awareness and transform those memories at their root manifestations. This therapy includes inner child therapy as well as body therapy. Memories live in our cells and communicate with our body. Our body knows what it needs to heal. Transformation is supported within the realms of light, where we meet all the role players and achieve understanding and forgiveness.

Regression therapy also includes the clearing of our energy field from intrusive energies that have been preventing us from healing. Spirit releasement, releasing unwanted thought forms and energy fragments are basic routine within this healing practice. 

Regression therapy is a therapy that reaches the core problem and touches and transforms deep levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system.

Life Between Lives

LBL is a beautiful way to explore the core of your eternal soul and the meaning of your journey here on earth. It helps to understand our obstacles and purpose in life. Meeting with guides and elders is just a wonderful journey in the endless world of the realms of light.

In this space, you will be able to meet loved ones and your soul groups. You might like to explore karmic issues with people in your current life. You might wonder why you have re-occurring problems and can ask your elders for guidance with certain aspects of your life. You might wish to explore deeper issues within a relationship or just simply want to connect with someone you have lost. 

LBL is the place where you connect with your true self. The part that has chosen your part on earth for a purpose. Here you can ask questions about your lessons in life. We all have a place in the realms of light. Experiencing this part of ourselves takes away the fear of dying and makes us aware of the bigger picture we are taking part in.